Welcome to  USA  massage-directory the leader in advertising alternative therapy and massage services local,national and international.

The goal of Massage-directory.net


USA Massage Directory website aims to promote independent massage therapists, day spas,beauty salons, massage parlours  and increase understanding of massage and the many associated holistic treatments and  naturist practitioners. It is designed to be a useful tool for both professionals and the general public to access information’s, reviews  and contact details  for a better navigation and pleasant communication. You will find therapy descriptions, advice and guidelines, as well as listings for local massage practitioners, yoga classes, massage services, massage courses, spa spa discounts and body care shops around the world. We update Massage-directory.net  daily with new articles about alternative therapy, latest ads with massage therapists and new stories  from visitors who  received or experienced their relaxation therapy.

Find the Right Professional Massage Therapists

Search our comprehensive massage directory of practitioners who offer a variety of holistic therapies, sensual massage, that aid and promote health, fitness, relaxation and well-being.

To find the right massage therapists is never been so easy….

Discover the wide variety of sensual massage  treatments and therapeutic techniques, which include: Swedish and therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, remedial massage, sports massage, Indian head massage, Bowen technique, holistic therapies, on-site chair massage, Oriental therapies, tantric massage, sensual massage, body massage and other alternative therapies.

Why  Register your Massage business with us?

You know by yourself how difficult is to find clients for your massage salon, so that’s why we decide to start Massage-directory.net to help you reach as many potential clients as possible, to avoid time consuming classifieds that they rip off your pocket and then they delete your advert without notice.

We heard many stories and we check reviews of all massage classifieds to see what their customers say about them and we were surprise to see such big and well known classifieds they charge their clients for posting massage adverts, (just professional massage) and  they immediately delete their advert without notice.THAT’S NOT FAIR !!!!!!!

And everyone deserve to get what they pay for, not scam classifieds, that charge you lots of money, or after you submit your advert they call you hundred times to make you pay for your advert. We hate cold calls too.

We launched massage-directory to  bring real visitors for your website and for your business,nobody want their website to be hinted by bots, neither us, we use social media to  promote our USA classified and we encourage our massage therapists to write as many blog posts as they want, to help audience find the right informations they need, unique and not boring articles where you can find same info on other different websites. Since we launched our directory, we received many inquires from visitors and asking us if we offer massage services, but this visitors are being directed to targeted professional massage therapists in the city where customers require to book massage therapy.

We will sometimes email you to let you know that visitors are coming from massage-directory.net .

Not convinced about benefits that Massage directory can bring for your massage business? You need to try and see how bookings will flow to your business, but also your page listing will be shared at our social media pages too and will stay there forever.

Do you sell body care products and want to increase sales for your business? Nothing can be much easy, then to submit your advert. As soon as we receive payment  for your advert  we will write a blog post for your advert and your business to rank quicker on search engine and bring you loads of visitors that will turn into potential clients.

Start now to submit your massage advert in less then a minute and be successful, learn more about massage therapy, how to start a massage salon and  how to make more money while you practice massage therapy.

Post local  massage adverts  by flowing the link to USA massage directory.


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