Starting a massage career in USA

Starting a massage career in USA.

Massage Parlors and Spa are common, but they differ from some ways. People go there for medical massage and also for relaxation. You may consider it’s a luxury but it has therapeutic value. This chain of massage parlors can bring a truck load of money for an owner.

start a massage career in USA
massage business in USA

A certificate from a recognised massage school is helpful to launch a successful career in this career option. Professionally trained massage therapists are given a license, which allow them to practice anywhere in the world. You can take the course not only from massage school but from community colleges. It is not at all difficult to locate a massage school in your locality.
Massage is a natural healing technique which is being practised by humanity irrespective of age, sex, colour, caste, or creed, since time immemorial. Cave paintings show hunting expeditions and massaging the hunters after the hunt is completed. Massaging has been practised all around the world as the most popular, scientific, and natural way to eliminate bodily stress and strain. Ayurveda, Unani, Allopathy, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Tribal Medicine, and all forms of medical knowledge accept, and recognise the healing properties of massage therapy.
How to join a massage school
Interview some of the school’s graduates and personally visit massage schools in your area. Discuss and satisfy yourself on their course hours, massage techniques, exams, and training facilities in classrooms, sanitary conditions, equipment for training, and the overall environment. This preadmission evaluation helps to determine which massage institute offer programs that are compatible with your own interests. You also need to know in detail licensing requirements and legal rules for the state in which you intend to practice.
The Department of Education of USA, UK, and Australia has approved several organisations to provide accreditation to massage schools. These accredited massage institutes get grants and federal loans through these organisations. Low interest education loans are helpful to would be therapist and also massage institute. Massage therapy business is big business requiring much investment. Hence, it is best to apprentice with a successful massage therapist to see if you really will like to practice massage therapy.

What You Should Know Before You Join Massage School
It is commonly known that conventional therapies like massage have only benefits with no side effects. This is one reason behind the increasing popularity of massage schools. Still, one must consider both pros and cons of massage therapy before deciding to become a massage therapist.
Massage therapy complements mainstream medical practices and adds a positive synergistic effect to patient treatment. Massage therapy is especially beneficial after a session of exertion like after a sports event, tiresome day work. A good full body massage session improves blood circulation; quickens the healing processes of the body; helps increased mobility in joints, releases toxins and alleviates pain.
A long massage session is a very challenging task and requires great upper body strength. A massage therapist usually has a fixed number of massage sessions they can handle in a day if they follow the classical massage practices. You can use latest massage tool and equipment to improve the massage quality.

usa massage directory
Anyone who wants to train to be a massage practitioner should first look into the laws, rules and regulations for massage training and licensing in their area. There are different restrictions for who can call themselves a massage therapist in, for example, the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia. Check out whether you need to take a certain number of hours of massage training classes, and whether the massage training school needs government accreditation. The rules can even be different from state to state or province to province.
You may find that there are different kinds of bodywork or massage certificates or licenses available from the various massage education or massage therapist training schools in your area.
It is easy to be confused by the myriad of bodywork and massage modalities that are being practiced today. Some (and this is certainly not an all-inclusive list) are Swedish, Thai, Hawaiian (lomi-lomi), Chinese (tianu), Indian (Ayuervedic) Shiatsu, Reflexology, Craniosacral, Acupressure, Esalen and the Rosen Method. And let’s not even get into the other kinds of bodywork, such as tantric, erotic and sensual massage.
Some of the benefits attributed to the various massage modalities are that they can improve health and well-being by relieving stress, improving circulation, helping to cleanse toxins out of the body and lymph system drainage. A more esoteric claim is that the body has an invisible energy that is called by different names in different cultures. For example, in Chinese it is called “chi” and in Hindi it is known as “prana.” A good definition in English would be “life force.” No matter by what name it is called, it is believed that for optimum health to be achieved, this energy must circulate freely throughout the body. But many factors, such as physical and emotional stress, can lead to blockages that prevent its free flow. Failure to clear the energy blockages, it is said, may result in disease.
No matter what kind of massage is being performed, the majority of the modalities require the person receiving the massage to undress, either partially or completely, and lie on a massage table. Most often, the massage practitioner then covers the client with a towel. In the case of in-office massages, many times the masseuse or masseur will use a massage chair, and the client will remain completely clothed. In some Asian countries, such as India and Malaysia, it is not unusual to see street vendors offering to massage the tired legs and feet of passers-by. In these massage sessions, only the shoes and socks are removed, although the legs of the trousers may be partially rolled up.
To reduce friction between the hands of the massage therapist and the skin of the client, a lubricant such as massage oil (sometimes scented with aromatic or aromatherapy essential oils) is often applied.
In the USA, especially in urban centres, it is becoming increasingly popular to give massage gift certificates, good for a therapeutic or simply a relaxing treatment at a local spa or beauty salon. And whereas massage salons and spas were once only frequented by women, in the 21st century it is growing less unusual to see men also enjoying a massage treatment.

how to start a massage business in USA

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